strippers want to strip again

San Antonio entertainers have been under ridiculous, outdated regulations for too long. We aim to change that and allow people the freedom to enjoy adult entertainment again.

Why are we doing this?

In 2005, San Antonio created an anti-nudity city ordinance and would also adopt the "three-foot rule" which effectively outlawed lap dances. Entertainers have since been forced to spray our breasts (from the areola down) or cover them in latex as a form of protection. Our bottoms cannot show "the crevice of the buttocks" which got rid of any hope for g-strings, thongs, or particularly cheeky panties.

This doesn't just affect us.

By taking away our freedom to entertain, it has taken your freedom to enjoy it!
Adults are now no longer allowed to enjoy true adult entertainment in the city of San Antonio. Instead they're forced to travel to other cities, such as Austin, where they can enjoy semi-nudity or nudity. Citizens of San Antonio shouldn't have ever had this freedom taken away. Even if you aren't an active club goer, if you were to ever want to enjoy it, you wouldn't be able to.

How can I help?

Spreading awareness by sharing this website, word of mouth, and posting to social media helps a lot. You can also choose to directly address your city officials regarding the issue ! We've created a google form survey below, where you can anonymously answer some questions for public research. There's more coming soon, so enter to be notified with updates !

Let's get started.

This is an anonymous survey that anyone can take. It allows you to give open feedback and express your opinion toward the current ordinances and laws without consequence. Don't forget to share it with everyone you can, it really does make a difference.

make people aware!

Spread the word and site in any way you feel may be best! You can use #letstrippersstrip for places like twitter, instagram, and tiktok.

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Hiya ! I've been dancing for around 2.5 to 3 years now. Dancing was always something I was curious about. At a young age, I told myself that one day, I would be on a stage.
I took time in my life to prepare myself before ever auditioning at a club.
Dancing has changed my life in ways people don't often imagine. In the past, I worked retail, fast food, serving, and more. At one point, I was trying to juggle the possibility of two to three jobs that I absolutely hated to make ends meet.I bit the bullet and I've never been more happy with a decision I've made in my life. Stripping gives me the freedom to study, learn, explore life and build savings. There are many goals within my view and reach. Specifically pertaining to leadership roles and technology.I'm very strong willed and face problems head on. No amount of shaming, degrading, or demotivational words will deter me from my goals. If anything it pushes me to work harder.

So why now?

We're all exhausted of the ridiculous regulations. Dancers have seen other girls cuffed for wearing bottoms that resemble bikini bottoms. It isn't just us, either. Tourists and customers complain that they're tired of the restrictions, too. We are all grown adults and should have the freedom to make the decision to be semi-nude or nude on our own.As a dancer myself, I've had many people tell me that it'll never change. That didn't stop me from thinking, wondering if I could make the change. I waited and wondered if managers or anyone else would take the first steps. No one did, so I am.Nothing is going to change unless someone takes those first steps to make a difference. Who better to start, than a dancer, herself? I'm tired of waiting around in hopes that someone else will do it. I'm a grown woman who actively sees the results of the regulations. I'll do it myself. It's been years since the city ordinance was first adopted, it's time to move on.

Excited (and nervous) to announce that I did a small interview with David, the host of "THE SOURCE" on Texas Public Radio. Feel free to tune in and listen !